• A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~ Josh Billings
  • I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. ~ Gilda Radner
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Meet the Family

Meet Jake and Maggie, the Gyllendogs.  (not to be confused with Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal)  Follow their many adventures  as they grow and learn about their world.  They are siblings, born March 5th, 2009.





Here’s Jake and Maggie on their first birthday

Meet the rest of the family

Jingles - the "Old Lady" of the family
Jingles – the “Old Lady” of the family

Jingles has lived with us for almost 14 years.  She is a Jack Russell Terrier.  Although she has slowed down quite a bit in her old age,  she was a “fireball” in her youth.  Because of her advanced years she suffers from congestive heart failure.  She still loves to go for walks and to root around in the yard.  It is sad to think that she will not be with us much longer, and we are grateful for the remaining time we have with her.



Daisy belongs to Savannah, and she is 4 years old.


Mitzie is the “mama cat”


Loner is Mitzie’s daughter


Maytag is Loner’s brother



Milo is Mitzie’s brother.  He is a true tomcat and is seldom at home.

We also have a fish in the family, Bartholomew, but he is away at college…..



24 Responses

  1. That’s a great family!

  2. Wow you have a big family!


  3. Orvis and Marley (from Life: Lab Style) say hi! What a CUTE family!

  4. Your fish is away at college????
    Daisy is a super cutie

  5. Such a cute family looks like a full house!

  6. awe! so sweet!

  7. Wow! Your pet family looks remarkably like ours! Besides Bear, our 11 year old lab, we have a 7 year old chihuahua named Tesser and a 6 year old Jack Russell named Josie. And then all the farm animals…

  8. A great and lovely family!

    Greeting from Spain.

  9. You have such a lovely family! Thank you so much for visiting my piappies world and leaving a message about Fudgie. I hope you can see the rest of the puppies in our family. I love your site. I’m just starting to get into blogging and I think I have lots to learn here. Thank you once again.

  10. What a fun family you have! The first snowfall of the year always jazzes up our gang, too. Mister, our 10-year-old likes to bat around snowballs as much as out puppy likes to chase and bite them! With the rarity of it out there I can imagine your crew was overjoyed!

  11. aww what an adorable family. i like that you have a mix of big dogs like maggie and jake and smalls dogs like daisy. how did you introduce them? did daisy get stepped on? i am going to have a similar family dynamic in the future and i wonder about ‘how to make the proper introduction of big dog/small dog’.
    also, were the names inspired by the gyllenhaals?

    • Thanks for the kind words. About the introductions – it was easy because we had our smaller dogs first. We’ve had Jingles forever, and Daisy for about 5 years. We got Jake & Maggie as pups last spring, and we just gradually introduced them to the rest of the family. They all get along well, and it is really funny to see a 90-pound lab roll over and be submissive to a 5-pound chihuahua! As for the names, yes, they were inspired by the Gyllenhaals. Because they are brother and sister, I wanted to use brother-sister names. I first suggested Luke and Leia, but my daughters adamantly refused, saying those names were too “geeky”.

  12. They are all so cute!

  13. Hi! We really enjoyed viewing pictures of your family. We met Jake and Maggie Saturday at the Spring Festival. My twin boys really enjoyed getting puppy kisses from them. Y’all have a wonderful family.

  14. Great animals,pics,beautiful family!
    really enjoy your blog,



  15. Sweet! I love your family of animals. One dog keeps li’l ole me busy enough. But I do daydream of having more someday. Thanks for visiting me. I’m new to blogging so it’s fun when people visit and find me. How did you find me?


  16. Ah! You have the most precious little critters! As for Jake and Maggie, I can’t believe they were born only last year!! WOW! BIG puppies! =))

  17. Oh my! your cats are so beautiful 🙂 And the dogs are too. Glad to see two generations of cats. I think spaying is cruel 🙂

  18. Thanks for ‘introducing’ me to Maytag. He really is very cute. 🙂

  19. Great looking family! I have one black and white cat named Ginger.

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