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Go, Tigers!

Looking over Bowman Field toward Tillman Hall

Savannah, Papa Roy, and I drove over to Clemson today for the annual Spring Game (also called the Orange-White game).  We met my brother Alan, my nephew Joel, my niece Megan, and her friend Amanda for an enjoyable day on the Clemson campus.  Its always fun to return to the old Alma Mater, and this was no exception.  It brings back many fond memories of the old college days.  Like the time in 1976 when I saw Jimmy Buffett play the auditorium at Tillman Hall.  Admission was just 50 cents!

Dad, can I have something to drink?

We wandered down College Ave, looking at all the Clemson items for sale. The afternoon was quite warm, and Joel was thirsty.  We stopped at a street vendor’s cart for a drink.  If you look closely in the background of the photo above you will see two police officers with a dog.  I thought he was a Belgian Malinois,  but we spoke to the officers and discovered he was a German Shepherd.  None of us had ever seen an all-black German Shepherd before.  Pretty cool.

The Tiger - Clemson's Mascot

The Tiger - Clemson's Mascot

Then we walked across campus to the stadium.  It is always really cool to be there in Death Valley.  The Spring Game is just a scrimmage where the Tigers split into the Orange team and the White team.  This year the White team won 17 – 0.

All in all, a fun day.

Go Tigers!


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